Nothing much happening, and I feel I am loitering on the doorstep of life without quite leaving or entering.  

If in doubt, tidy up. This manages to be one of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's fascinating Oblique Strategies. Not that I needed oracular help for this. Manged to get my inbasket down to a record single email, filed four months worth of bills and statements. Phoned the tax office. Mind then decluttered pressed ahead with the business idea, now drilling down into how green thinking affects marketing.

Still not springy enough for the gym, thanks to daily diet of antibiotics, but am trying at least to walk for an hour. Popped into a shop called Foot Locker to try to buy some new trainers, although appeared to be  training shoes, most were thin-soled shoes masquerading as trainers. Can one buy actual training shoes for the gym without spending £90? And if so, where?

Spoke to Mum for some time this afternoon, then fed Lorraine when she came home and then zoomed off to choir. A tranquil evening. I have finished Building Stories now, absorbing and thoughtful work.