Movie night

A really good day's writing. On days like this I think that maybe I am onto something. Also been thinking and reading a little about winning. Asking myself what are the consequences of winning? I was reading something that said that if we win, we have to let go of every definition we have had of ourselves. Perhaps people actually cling to the familiar, to the not winning because it is safer. I find it difficult to win things, unless I am working in a team. When the winning is just about me winning, I find it very hard, and I wonder if it this is something I can reverse or at least put into neutral. 

In other news, I was not shortlisted for the Brighton blogger project. Why bloody not? was my thought.

A book through the post from Richard today: Jeeves and the Impending Doom, one of those slim Penguin 70s. The title made me feel very chipper for some reason.

Out to the Duke of York last night with Lorraine, Dawn, Rosie and her new boyfriend Tim, who I rather liked. He has spent lots of time in several Africa countries working with aid programmes, and has done lots of interesting things like learning to dive in Lake Malawi.

We saw the movie Argo, which was tense, snappily paced with a few laughs thrown in. I liked it a good deal, despite not particularly wanting to see it. I love the new once a week movie habit. So much more fun that glazing in front of the telly. All of us liked it, and the ladies talking about Mr Affleck's shirt off scene in glowing terms. A cheeky drink afterwards in Circus Circus, before home to bed. Not all of us, you understand, just L and I.

Below Ben Affleck who starred in and directed Argo.