An interlude with Oskar

L and I surged off into town to do some chores, and gasp down some sea air. The presence of the sun makes you think that Spring and good weather might one day be possible. We stopped off for a pot of tea in a cafe and saw Anton, Anna and Oskar through the window who then came in to join us. Oskar spent some time clambering on me and expertly deploying gingerbread man crumbs. But we had an enjoyable discussion about whether I could actually bite his arm off and how long this might take, and how many seagulls on strings would a person need to lift you into the air, and if the third iced button on the gingerbread man was actually his willy. He also has a crush on a girl called Summer.

Then, farewells said, surging off into a few shops but found nothing I wanted and Lorraine started looking bleak and hungry, so we went home for restorative leek and chicken soup. A TV-off evening, with  Betty, who arrived this afternoon, and Lorraine working on a large jigsaw with hundreds of beetles on it, while I spent my time engrossed in Building Stories.

Below Brighton seafront in winter sunlight, and what I am told is a regular stand off on Western Road between pro-Palestinians, and pro-Israelis.