End of time

A slightly sluggish start for me, getting to the end of a bruising week. Lorraine left for Leeds to spend a couple of days with Sam this morning. Betty back to London for a day too. I was left to my work writing an e-blast. This done, I took myself out for a chilly afternoon walk in town. I dove into one or two second hand music and bookshops, which as I had no glasses with me, I found it hard to read the titles.

I had plans to meet Matt tonight, but as he was unavailable, and with Anton away I opted for a quiet night in the warm. Watching an episode of Space: Above and Beyond and channel hopping in a desultorily fashion.

Downloaded Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time composed during his time in a prisoner of war camp listening to birds, and scored for the few musicians among his camp: clarinet, violin and cello, with himself on piano. Rather extraordinary, and is a favourite of Mum's I think. Spiritual questing on a foundation of profound unease. Lovely stuff.

New tenants are to move into the Twitten over the weekend. Spoke to Lorraine last thing, safely in Leeds and having had a good night out in an excellent restaurant with Sam.