Creeping to the gym

Feeling cheery. Sudden clarity on the business book I have been writing after feeling wood for treesish on it.  I also emailed my glamorous accountant about a missing tax repayment, and she sorted it within an hour, which will soon be a boon for the Kenny coffers.

I also ventured to the gym, and managed to do twelve minutes on a cross trainer. A few months ago I was doing 40 minutes at much higher load on it before starting on the rowing machine, and weights. But you have to start again somewhere. Scary what months of antiboitics have reduced me to. However even doing ten minutes made me feel good afterwards. The fightback starts here. Friday will see me back again going for a massive 15 minutes.

Looking at the essay Julia wrote about D.G. Rossetti. Julia, it seems, is a card-carrying Rossetti boffin.