Matt's birthday

L and I to the Twitten this morning, and met Sonia there who had agreed to do a deep clean on the house. Lorraine took the car home, and I sloped off to the obnoxious Budgens by the station, where I had to browbeat them into helping me find oven cleaner. I painted out a small gold tag scrawled on the green wood. But the green I painted on was the wrong green, so I will have to repaint the pesky thing when it isn't raining. D'oh. Met Hilary one of my old neighbours and had a chat with her while her dog, who has always disliked me, barked and strained malignantly at its leash. Unfathomable are the suspicions of hounds.

Mooched around town town, where I encountered Adrian carrying a bag of fresh fish. Chatted about work, and photographing the contents of women's handbags. A brave man. Pressed on buying a plug adaptor and drain unblocker. Met Lorraine in the Laines and we snacked in the Délice before Lorraine left for an afternoon of song with Hullabaloo.

Home to tinker with aquariums, and a surprise visit from Cath who was making plans for long travels in far flung places. Lorraine arrived later, much energized by singing, and she drove us to the Twitten where Sonia had transformed my greasy cooker to a sparkling thing. L and I collected the cleaning things, and bought some excellent fish and chips from Sing Li, where the proprietor was all smiles to see us again.

Out again for the night as it was Matt's birthday. Unsurprisingly to the Basketmakers where Matt and Wayne had been joined by Jonathan, John, Tanya and Catherine. A pretty cheery time, despite a nearby table being a convention of powerful shouters.  Particularly enjoyed catching up with Tanya and Catherine. Matt, faintly melancholy about his birthday I thought. Birthdays can do that to you.

Standing outside the Basketmakers, a great bucketload of water from the awning pleasingly just missed me as we were leaving. Later, when I put up my wet top hood to protect me from the inevitable rain, I discovered it had in fact collected a good deal of the awning water. With a drenched head on to the Brighton Tavern, where we all milled about. Matt and I chatted to a Narcissistic wannabe popstar who was exactly one year younger than Matt.  An absolute final beer before heading home with my Lorraine in the rain. Followed by a regrettable Ace Pizza incident over which I shall draw a veil.