True to form

Lorraine working from home, which is always nice. Dawn melting away first thing. I worked on the business book through the morning.  I made a chicken and leek soup of some substance for lunch, but before I'd spooned any of it, I was called with a freelance offer  by a contact I had cultivated last year, which seems fairly promising.

Talking to Lorraine over lunch made me rethink my CV (not a document I have much need of). Nobody's life is a dreary chronological list, few people's career and learning is a linear process, so why on earth force it into one, especially if what you are selling is your creativity.

Had to complete a Landlord's details form this afternoon. I don't know why form filling fills me with such horror and bile. Forms make me feel cross, even though this particular form was completely reasonable. After completing it as best I could I walked it to the letting agents via the Twitten last thing in the afternoon.

Otherwise ticking over on an idea I had yesterday, which is only as yet a title and a sketchy concept and a few lines.  Also spent time reading Building Stories,  which I am loving. A study of loneliness, but strangely compelling.  Lorraine's work done, we sloped out early a cheeky and enjoyable curry.