Ken is unwell

Some bad news this morning. I heard from Janet that Ken is in hospital, having had a heart attack on Sunday. Janet, obviously alarmed and sad.  Better news later in the day however, that he was sitting up in a chair and eating again. A stent operation planned in a couple of days. I shall go to the hospital tomorrow to visit.

Otherwise I was worked on the business book this morning. My research leads in all kinds of unlikely directions. Ended up listening to the late, and much admired (though not particularly by me) Tupac Shakur, for example, in my tracking down the origins of bling.

In the afternoon I received some positive feedback from one of the jobs I did last week, and I will be taking a new brief tomorrow.

Lorraine off singing with the choir, and I walked her into town before returning home to finish Inside Out by Nick Mason in the evening. Seem to have a renewed book hunger. Going to devour the rest of Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata next.

A new neighbour gave Lorraine some Belgian chocolate buttons this morning as a hello, and to introduce themselves. What a simple but nice thing to do.