Virtual booze

Hammering on our bedroom roof every morning. It is crows stabbing at monkey nuts and leaving the detritus by our back door. They stab down like a blows from a pin hammer. Lorraine off to school today. Chatted with Mum today.

I uploaded Episode 4 of Magnificent Grace, and am now am pausing for a day or so to regroup. I made a pigs ear of recording episode 5 which made me feel cross and as if the whole thing was a futile waste of time. Went for another stomping walk mid afternoon to Hollingbury Hillfort, and then hung out in the back garden with Lorraine and Beth. After making another tweak (my fault misspelling a word on a diagram) to copy for my pals in Hampton.

It was the evening of beige food, eating up some weird stuff that was taking up space in the freezer. Quorn sausage rolls, little onion bargee, samosas and plus some tasteless spring rolls. I chose to eat all these with sauerkraut to maintain the beige. Not an unqualified success.

Lager and hot evenings go together, on what normally would have been the start of a Bank Holiday weekend.

Drank a couple of cans chatting with Anton tonight on FaceTime in my study. Not the same as going for an actual beer, but the virtual booze still fun. A good deal of discussion about The Lord of the Rings among other things.