Friday night

My thunder app going off every now and then, and bits of rain. Chatted to Sian, and to Mum and Anton, who had sneezed and burst a blood vessel in his eye. Dropped in on a zoom meeting of glass folks, at six which was fun. Wrote a few bits and pieces, including working on a poem for the first time in ages (v rusty) and ended up recording Monday's reading.

Picked up a curry from Red Chillies, but it felt like a bit of a death trap in there, with people working in the kitchen. I just zoomed in snatched my bag of curry, and waved my contactless card and was gone in an instant. The man who went into the shop before me literally ordered about 20 dishes and was in there for ten minutes thumbing through menus and so on. He said to me that he had a lot to order, when he came out, I suggested he do it by phone next time. 

Home to curry tucker. Lorraine and Beth ordered pizzas instead. Watched telly and chilled. Strangely, did not go out. But there is enough residual Fridayishness about Friday to make it good fun anyway.