Virtual beermonsters

Back to a more normal routine today. A much cooler day than of late. Lorraine in school this morning, but returned at lunchtime. Beth looking after little Tilly again. I uploaded the new episode onto Skelton Yawngrave TV, and recorded tomorrow's one, and quite a bit of the Thursday's too. A couple of minuscule scraps of work for my amigos in Hampton.

Went for a walk up to Hollingbury Hill at 4 o'clock while listening to the Lord of the Rings. Very beneficial in maintaining my sanity. Home and pressed on again for a bit, spoke to Mum. Had supper with Lorraine and then I repaired to my study to have a drink over zoom with the beermonsters. Nice to chat to Steve, Richard and Nick. I sometimes forgot I was sitting in my study staring at a screen with a few tins of beer. Nick drinking all kinds of superior home brewed drinks. Steve self isolating as much as humanly possible as he has asthma, Richard meanwhile has just released the third CD, by the Shakespeare Heptet, which is on Spotify and Amazon.

Below notice on the playground, gorgeous clear day and a view from near the hill fort, and a quick screen grab of beermonsters convening, despite managing to get myself and Steve with closed eyes.  Unfortunately, my hair is on the cusp of becoming ridiculous too, which is a bit of a pain.