Slogging and zooming

Slogging all day from 7:30 till 5:30 whereupon I sent everything I had, and roared off towards the top of Hollingbury Hillfort. This made me feel a good deal better about everything. I could see The Isle of Wight clearly. A good day in that I managed to work my way out of the stumped feeling of yesterday, and get everything done. Lots of meetings. Beth set up a timetable so that we all knew when we were all working. Lorraine home too and zooming her staff, me zooming agencies, Beth zooming lessons.

Barely thought about coronavirus or anything like that all day as was too busy. This is a plus. Nice to chat to so many old muckers not the phone however. My friend Pat has been very ill, so texted him. Recovering slowly he said.

Below the Isle of Wight on the horizon.