Keeping my distance

Up early, although Lorraine home today. Working all day on Skelton Yawngrave TV, as I re-recorded one of the episodes. Also spoke to Sian, and chatted about the marketing of her website. Chatted too, to Toby who was working from home.

Uploaded episode two of Magnificent Grace. Heartened to hear from Kay, Lorraine's cousin, who told me her twins were were lapping up Skelton Yawngrave TV.

Sanity highlight was walking up to Hollingbury Hill again, listening to the comforting and familiar  Tolkien and occasionally turning my audiobook off and just listening to birds. I can feel my spirit improving as I walk.  A beautiful day.

The night ending with a big full moon, which I peered at after we went upstairs through my velux windows. Netflix and so on signal is terrible in the late evenings with everyone sucking the local broadband. Precious little that can be done about it. Watched the end of a documentary about Miles Davis, a complex fiery cat and no mistake.

No booze today or yesterday as both Lorraine and I had a wretched night's sleep on Sunday, which I attribute to drinking.

Another glimpse of the empty golf course surrounding Hollingbury Hill a good place to keep your distance from folks.