A Fridayish Friday in lockdown land

A Friday that seemed entirely Fridayish! Lorraine had to go into work again today. Awake and working early, I had finished my jobs by 4:30, chatted to Mum, then went for a walk around the block, which ended in the purchase of some beers from the shop nearby. Luckily if you time these things right, you can whizz in and out while maintaining good distance. A bit of a queue outside which soon dissipated. The owner a tallish, possibly Sri Lankan guy seems quite cheery.

Home with a bag of beers, I washed them in dilute bleach, as they may have been standing around in the squeezy little shop for a while.

Then Beth and I sat about on the balcony, in the warm sun having beer. Lorraine home quite early. Beth had been extremely helpful this week as my social media adviser. And after a hectic few days it felt as if these beers were deserved. After getting a takeaway delivered from The Shahi, we played another game of Trivial Pursuit -- it is a recently updated version so the questions are quite fresh.

Dearly hoping that the outlets like The Shahi and some of my favourite pubs still exist when this business is over.