My new channel is launched

Up early and a few last jobs before the first episode of Magnificent Grace went live on YouTube. After this contacting a few people in schools and posted a notice in the local community facebook page about it. Seems to have gone well with people being nice about it. Early doors though.

Lorraine home from school and doesn't need to go back till Thursday. She took a shower as soon as she got home, which is a good idea.

Chatted to Mum, and Bob too who seemed in pretty good spirits.

The Prime Minister in Intensive Care, I feel genuinely concerned for his wellbeing. Something I never thought would happen.

Went for a long mooch around Hollingbury Hill and took the long way home, around some local streets. Passed the Preston Park Tavern, and looked in gloomily at the empty pub. Nearby I saw these chalk marks on a wall.