Another day

Twenty-ninth day of lockdown, and the first day of Lorraine's delayed Easter holiday. A sunny gorgeous day, with a cool breeze. A leisurely morning in bed. Beth working most of the day, but arrived mid morning having collected our click and collect bags from Sainsburys. Felt good to have food in the house. In the afternoon Lorraine went down with an upset stomach, and spent much of the day recuperating on the sofa. This actually was just what she needed. I mooched out again to Hollingbury Hillfort listening to the Lord of the Rings. Home and a pleasant evening, although Lorraine ate next to nothing, but appeared in much better shape  by the evening.

Spoke to Mum and Mas. Mum had been hard at work in the garden. I did assorted recordings for Skelton Yawngrave TV. Heard from Yuk, a former art director I'd worked with, who is now doing some acting work. 

Views from the top. The one above is standing on the raised wall of the fort, and the other is a shot looking south west from the hill. Shoreham power station's chimney clearly visible.