Another lockdown Sunday

Gorgeous weather today, Sunday. A chat with Mum early afternoon. I recorded part of tomorrow's Magnificent Grace episode, and then another walk up to the Hillfort. Lorraine coming with me part of the way after we took several pairs of shoes to the shoe recycling point. Walked up towards Hollingbury Hill with Lorraine, and then she doubled back, and I pressed on. Phoned First Matie as I went, and she is in a bit of a bad way, having had a diagnosis of arthritis, and in great pain with her neck and back, worse she has been given painkillers that leave her in zombie mode, disoriented and constantly sleeping.

Some of our seeds are growing quite well. The small leaves, beetroots and radishes are going well. In our bathroom are dwarf beans too, which Brian has been chewing when he gets a chance. Also three tomato plants that germinated from seeds.

Home after a long walk, and I lurked in the back garden, slaking my thirst with a beer or two.

Home and Lorraine had cooked a really tasty Roast chicken, and made quite a number of roast potatoes which we consumed with gusto. Then Beth made cakes that you make in tea mugs then microwave. These were really nice too.

Having to invest energy in suppressing bouts of impotent rage agains the government's shambolic handling of Coronavirus. The UK death rate, which omits these dying in droves in care homes, is still the largest in Europe. If the UK proportions turn out to be anything like those in the EU we the reality is that twice the current figure of 20k hospital deaths in the UK. As I write 200k people have died in the world of this virus. If it weren't for the Satanic Trump suggesting things like ingesting disinfectant the UK would be even more in the spotlight. Even a chump like me could see, as I put on this blog back in January, that a pandemic was coming. But raging is futile.