A tiny time machine

Worked well today, recording the best part of two episodes. Lorraine's last day at work. A cheery day generally, and it was great to have Lorraine home for the next two weeks.

Was sent this photo by Sue, an old university pal. Seeing a photo from 40 years ago is like being in a time machine. Here it is. Left to right, Hugh, Sue, myself and Will in the Beaubourg Centre in Paris, late October possibly early November 1979. A happy interlude. We all snuck away from university for a long weekend in Paris. There were several others, including Amanda who I have seen a few times lately, and Scott a very cool American exchange student. I had worked all through the summer in a London Hotel in Knightsbridge, so could afford the trip and the seedy hotel we stayed in. It was great fun. I got in trouble with my personal tutor Martin Warner on my return as I had skipped a tutorial. Never did that again.