Saving Graces

Mum texted me today to ask if I was okay, because I hadn't done this blog for a bit. Remiss of me really, as it is a great way to process things. I suspect it will also become my memory too, as it has been going for so long now I can look back right back to glimpses of myself from 17 years ago. I have never kept anything going for so long.

Today I fell into what is my new routine, of getting up (later than usual as Lorraine is on holiday) and getting on with uploading my daily episode of Skelton Yawngrave TV. It is my saving grace. Mum at least is watching the episodes, and I have to take a long view of them. They will be up there now in perpetuity.

Spoke to Anton at lunchtime, while I was sitting in little Guernsey.

My concentration poor lately. I work best in an atmosphere of tranquility, and I find this is not it. Exasperating really, as I have all the time in the world. I am clearly aware now of the need to focus more, and get a grip. Lorraine is at home 'on holiday' and while it is good for her to not be working, it is a shame we can't get out more. Beth doing a couple of drama lessons over zoom this afternoon.

Still we went for a walk together, or set off together at least, as Lorraine is gradually extending what she does, whereas I need to be gone for a good hour and a half to get all my walking done. Thank God for Hollingbury Hillfort and the woods and spaces around there. It another saving Grace.

The air was extremely clear today, and from the top you could clearly see the wind farm, and even the Isle of Wight.