A Good Friday

Spent Good Friday at home, along with most others. Fabulously lucky to have a garden to sit in, and the weather, unlike most bank holidays was glorious.

I got up early and painted the front door. It had needed a second coat for about two years, and I finally got around to it. It is a sign of the times that I found this of burning urgency today. Also did laundry and a few other things in a morning frenzy of activity.

A leisurely afternoon. I even had an afternoon nap. Beth busy making hot cross buns, and I sat in the back garden as Beth and Lorraine commenced a large jigsaw reading with a plastic orange bowl, the top closed with clingfilm watching the dough prove and expand like a living thing. The hot cross buns were great, and the first time I had ever eaten home made ones.

I am reading The Happiness Trap, which Sarah Barnsley bought me. I have been reading it slowly and thoughtfully. It really is the most sensible book about taking care of your mental health I have read I think. I texted her yesterday to thank her for it again. Also read Robin's latest collection Why? And other questions. I love it. This was the first time I have felt relaxed enough to sit down and read for a while. I have a big pile of books to read, hopefully I can do this now.

Poor thing's father died last week. Heard from Kay, Lorraine's cousin, whose twins Adam and Luke were delighted with their mention on Episode 4.

Watched the entirety of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. Jolly good it was too. I had forgotten swathes of it, having not watched it in its entirety for at least 20 years.

Beth glazing her hot cross buns.