In the bubble

Up early, having a quick think about the marketing conversation I had with Sian yesterday, and sent her some thoughts. Then on with recording episode four for SYTV. Uploaded episode three.

This done chatted with Mum, tweaked some copy for my pals in Hampton. A glorious day. Had coffee in the garden with Lorraine and the cats, in the corner we are calling Little Guernsey.

Did some more work this afternoon, and then did my walk up to Hollingbury Hillfort listening to The Lord of the Rings. I'm enjoying it very much again, and as I know the story so well if I drift off for a minute on my walk it doesn't really matter. The ancient stories Tolkien draws on give the story a timelessness, and walking around the ring of an Iron Age Hillfort while listening to it is excellent. I love Tolkien's descriptions of places and nature, both real and imaginary. There is a good deal of gothic horror in Tolkien too.

Nice emails with Charlotte, whose new book I have ordered.

Home and I found Betty and Lorraine drinking lager and playing cards in the sun on on the terrace.  I joined them. All very pleasant, in these interludes where you can set aside the ghastly global backdrop.  Being in a bubble created by a couple of lagers helps too.

Had salmon and noodles with Lorraine and watched a little TV before bed.