Saturday, July 08, 2017

Village life, and the perfect getaway

Infernal Calliope woke me up at 5:20 this morning by climbing on me and purring aggressively. Bah. Up early to feed them and return with teas for Lorraine and I. Eventually we got up much later, and went off to visit Bolney Village for its village day. Quite enjoy this, and know a few more of the people there. Lorraine and I went around doing things on stalls, such as trying to beat the goalie, or guess how many balloons there were in a car called Betty. We dropped by the WI stand, where I scored an ice bun, with a glace cherry on it. Nice. Also went to the welly throwing attraction, and watched a man in his forties throw a welly. Instead of it going straight ahead, it zoomed up into the air and over all our heads, narrowly missing Lorraine. A women said, Oh my god, you almost took out the head! Children zooming about all over the places, and one of the parents came to me and said his nipper had enjoyed my visit, which was nice. I paused briefly in the beer tent (twice) before Lorraine judged it was time to go. Also met John, now living in Dubai, who was the previous head there, and someone that I have drunk beers with along with Anton. Good to see him.

Home, and then a bit later we went down to The Joker, had some wings and a more cold beer, and went to see Baby Driver, which was a pretty good film about a hearing-impaired getaway driver. Not the sort of thing that normally appeals, but we both enjoyed it. Sat in the big sofa seats to watch it too. Walked (slowly) home up the hill, and went happily to bed.

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