Thursday, July 06, 2017

Cat business

Slept with the Juliette windows open again last night. Cool and comfortable. Calliope to the vets today to have some teeth taken out.  Lorraine drove us to Top Cats Patcham first thing. The people there are very good.  Calliope sounding like purgatorial in the back of the car, but I think there is such a fog of pheromones there that she calmed down as soon as she got there. Lorraine drove off to drop some stuff off for our neighbour at the Old Church Hall Mark before going to school. I walked home getting in an hour's walk before it got hot.

Admiring a thank you card I got from the children of Holly class and their nice teacher Rebecca.

The furry daughter I never had, had four teeth removed in all. Far from cheap. I felt bad about leaving her there even if it was for her own good. Lorraine collected her on the way back home. She seems a bit woozy and mistimed her jumps a bit like a drunk, but was hungry and ate right away.

Spoke to Maureen today, who phoned up to find out about dates. I told her about the cat, and she said their Calliope variety pelargoniums were doing nicely. Ours are too.

Otherwise I spent five hours working on the novel. Then the afternoon sorting out my accounts stuff for a couple of hours. Beth and Matt rehearsing the second scene of the play this afternoon in The Boots. Lorraine back home (with Calliope) early, but then she worked for hours. Ate salad and pickles eventually, and went to bed early but talked for some time before sleeping. Calliope asleep under the bed.

Another bedtime shot from our Juliette windows.

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