Thursday, July 20, 2017

A happy day

So up with the sparrows this morning, the sky still threatening rain. I mooched off the doctors to discuss blood pressure, gout, a persistent ear infection and a weird lump in my chest. Came away reassured, and with a few routine tests lined up. I like my doctor very much, and we tend to have a bit of a laugh. I told him its not you it's me, on my white coat syndrome.

Off next to get my haircut as it was suddenly unruly and sprouting sideways like a clown. This dealt with, off to the ideologically unsound Starbucks where I celebrated with large cup of coffee, and fiddled with some poems. Then to Specsavers for an eye test. I need a slightly stronger prescription, but my eye health is good. Together we compared the red photos of inside my eyes to last time and it all looked healthy. Then the difficult business of choosing specs with a woman called Raquel, whose head I did in by rebuffing her suggestions. We had quite a laugh about it.

Then a bus home, and I sorted out the last of the Edinburgh business, organising posters. I have now done what I can, and felt a sense of relief about it. There was a wine delivery, as Lorraine is going to give wine bottles as presents to her staff, before I zoomed off to The Boots, where Beth, Kitty and Matt where rehearsing, and sat in for a couple of hours. They worked really hard, and were a bit hysterical when I arrived. To my surprise Kitty had started to read The Second Kind of Darkness, and she is really liking it. I was delighted.

After rehearsals, Beth and I went to the PPT, where we discussed the play, the future of Brighton Blondes and so on, as we scoffed some food and drank some beer.  Lorraine, home late after another school performance, joined us in the pub and had a beer and a wee plate of hummus.  I miss her lots at the moment, as she is off very early and home late. This is her last full week, thankfully.

It had been a very happy day for me, facing up to things I didn't particularly want to do and sailing through them. All good.  The one poor note is that Anton is having a wretched time with an ear infection, and costs mounting up when a leaking roof causing a flood when the storms came, and a large dead fridge, which will require the removal of window frame to get it taken away. He has had to take his house off the market temporarily.

Below a photo of the cast, when I asked them to do a selfie pout. Naturally they were all good at it.

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