Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ducks and cherries

To Ashford to see Pat and Maureen, before all kinds of complex things happen, such as them coming to Brighton while we are up in Edinburgh, and us all meeting up in Leeds for Sam's wedding. John and Beth came with us, and John had not been to see Pat and Maureen before. John doing very well considering he had been doing a gig and travelling through the night.

A threatening sky on then way to Kent, but a warm welcome from Pat and Maureen, who was wearing cherries over her ears. Apparently, this is what you do with cherries, and there is nothing eccentric about this at all.

A happy day, and it was good to see Ken, Lorraine's brother, who I've only met a few times. He's quite into his photography, and he showed me his cool Canon camera. He takes photos of his exhibition dogs in Ireland and says that by studying a photo of the dog, you can tell what needs to be improved more easily than just by looking at it. A tasty duck and salad lunch. Pat pointing out that the duck had four legs, and three of them on the left. Then a good amount of hanging about chatting. Pat and Maureen have a Tens machine for their feet which Lorraine and I tried. It sends electric shocks into the soles of your feet which then forces you to clench your muscles like an electrified frog. It made Lorraine yelp, and I thought it was appalling, though Ken, Pat and Maureen all swear by it, and have it on at twice the power we have it on at. They are made of stern stuff.

Then we played cards, brag and then pontoon. Maureen broke out her big tin of buttons to use as currency. Beth didn't like brag much, but everyone got on with pontoon. I liked the buttons.

While I was there I chatted with Toby, planning a get together with Mum on Tuesday.

Then fond farewells and the long drive home, which was pretty quick. Beth and John snoozing in the back of the car, until we dropped them off in Hove. Lorraine and I home, and gradually made our way to bed after Lorraine had drunk a small but soothing gin.

Below, ominous skies as we set off. Maureen observes Beth and John, one of Maureen's prized dolls, this one is Process Diana, and buttons our currency.

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