Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Simply no moral backbone today. Woke up feeling a bit flare-prone and achey. Although I tried hard, I couldn't settle to anything productive today. However I spoke to Mum for a bit, she has a new date for her operation in August now. She told me she went to meditation last night, and didn't agree with the woman's talk about non-attachment. I suggested she stage a coup.

I had a brief walk outside, and sat in the garden for a while. Tried to listen to improving podcasts, but couldn't be bothered to listen to them properly. Tried to read, but couldn't focus my mind enough. Looked at my poems and hated all of them.  So, having worked on Sunday,  I eventually gave over the day to my own unruly thoughts, and picked up Bianca, my white guitar, which I have barely touched for the last year or so. I am rusty and my hand's weren't at their best. But fun.

Anton and I failed to meet tonight, as I was feeling gout-prone, and he has a bad ear infection. What a pair. Instead I stayed at home, and Beth and Lorraine had their nails done by a pal of Beth's who came around. They both have one nail on each hand done in glitter which is apparently all the rage. Lorraine staying up late, writing the headteacher's remarks on the reports in turquoise ink. 

I took a picture of the Jack o' the green face, Lorraine and I bought a while ago, which is now looking increasingly part of the garden. Its eyes seem to follow you about.

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