Friday, July 14, 2017

Music, cheer and great company

Doing lots of mind-maps at the moment, trying to use this natural lull to at least be clear about my objectives. At lunchtime, I zoomed down to the Bath Arms to answer the papal summons. There are few people better to chat with over a plate of pub grub and a pint than Catherine, and we had a great chat over lunch.

Then up to St Luke's with Lorraine in a taxi, where Glen and Eleni, and Kostas on guitar were playing a concert of Greek and French music. Bumped into a few folks I'd not seen in a while, including the composer Barry Mills, and Adam Bushell, who, like Glen, played on This Concert Will Fall In Love With You and other adventures, Richard Gibson there too.

Glen and Eleni played with Kostas Kationis on guitar, who Eleni told me is extremely respected around Kavala as a choral conductor and arranger. In a selection of Greek songs from the 20th century, in the first half, then a selection of French songs, including of songs by Edith Piaf with lovely fluency too.

After we had a really fun drink with Glen and Eleni, Richard, Kostas and his wife. Lorraine and I also met an interesting woman called Alexandra who was a friend of a friend of Glen's who has been based in China for the last few decades. Much needed relaxation time for Lorraine. A good night with good friends.  A taxi home, after a walk down the long hill to London Road, and straight to bed.

Below the cheeky-looking Dr Catherine Pope, with Queen Victoria appropriately close. And Glen and Eleni both after the gig and during it.

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