Tuesday, July 04, 2017

A visit to Bolney

Up early and tinkered for an hour with things, before going shopping for chocolates and heading off to Hateful Heath where I got a taxi to Lorraine's school. Sat about in the staff room feeling a bit nervous before spending the afternoon with Holly class, taught by Rebecca.

The kids were 7-9 years old and I was there because they had invented recipes for chocolates which they were going to sell. Today was a branding exercise so we got them to think about the names, colour schemes and so on (the branding) for the chocolates they had created. I have to say they came up with some cracking ideas, and were an improvement on half the chimps with MacBooks I've worked with in advertising agencies. Amazing questions they asked too, and some tricky googlies bowled among them. An interesting afternoon, and came away feeling very impressed with the kids, and their teacher Rebecca.

One of Lorraine's colleagues, Sarah asked her husband Dan, a retired policeman, to give me a lift to the station which was very kind as Lorraine had to work late and prepare for sports day.

On the way home I spoke to Mum who had turned up at hospital only to find out that her appointment had been bumped, which was exasperating.

When Lorraine came home we watched the grimly fascinating The Handmaid's Tale. An early night, Lorraine very tired. I went to sleep after reading the first few pages of my new print out of The Second Kind of Darkness. I will have to stop looking at it soon as it is making my head hurt.

A snap last thing at night from our Juliette balcony, with the shreds of light still hanging over the horizon.

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