Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday rehearsals

Up this morning and Lorraine snatching an escaping Calliope out of mid air, recalling her netball days, as we abducted her back to the vets, yowling and even growling at one point. Luckily she has healed up very well, and she was soon at home again. Poor thing. Luckily there is no need to continue the syringing of stuff down into her throat, before she develops 'trust issues' as the exceptionally nice vet said.

Then Lorraine and I lurked about having some breakfast, before I went off down the hill for another afternoon's rehearsal. Had a nice chat with mum, en route.

The rehearsal demanding stuff, and everyone working hard. We are making progress. James came too, for a couple of hours at the end for a fresh pair of eyes, which was extremely useful. 

In a break I called Anton, who is still languishing with a nasty ear infection. I will go see him soon. 

Walked home, and felt quite tired this evening. Lorraine too. We went to bed very early for a Saturday night, after last night's liveliness. Lorraine had been reading The Second Kind of Darkness. She is liking it.

Below Beth, while she and Matt were rehearsing a scene.

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