Monday, July 31, 2017

In which Anton is alarming

Up early and sorting last minute things out. Getting ready for the visit of the Tobster today when I found I had a missed call from Anna, and listening to it discovered that Anton had had a suspected MI, and was in hospital. Rapid calls to Anton’s mum, and replying to Anna. Texted Anton, and later Lorraine and I visited him in hospital, only to find that he looked remarkably well and was sitting up in bed reading The Lord of the Rings and suggesting novel ways to approach publishers (by getting the rejections in first). He was somewhat rattled, of course, but as the day progressed it seemed that remarkably he had got off without much physical damage. He had walked from home to the nearby doctor’s surgery, no doubt alarming everyone, and then they called an ambulance.  There was even talk of releasing him back into the wild the same day, however, but they kept him in overnight due to waiting for various results.

During this, the Tobster came down to Brighton, and after Lorraine and I had come back from the hospital, we three had a cheery evening, having a bite in the Preston Park Tavern, and a steadying drink as the late sun slanted in. Great to see Toby, although he was as alarmed as anyone by the Anton business. Good to hang out and chat. What is good about seeing my brother is that however long we’ve not seen each other for, we just pick up as if we’d seen each other last week.

We went home, and Tobs and I stayed up late watching a series on Netflix called Tokyo Diner.

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