Thursday, July 13, 2017

A cheeky beer

Feeling somewhat brighter. A nice email from Mandy this morning saying that she'd really enjoyed the children's book. She's the first person on earth to have read this version other than me. Others are not far behind though. Felt chuffed though.

After doing various bits and pieces this morning, off this afternoon to do rehearsal for the play in The Boots. However this was broken midway as Beth wanted to look at a flat nearby in Vernon Terrace. We zoomed up there and having looked about it, me trying to look intelligently at things like radiators, she wanted to make an offer instantly, having missed out the previous week due to postponing the decision. So immediately we went to the Letting agent's office and Beth started signing all the forms, and calling John. Once the appalling forms had been signed, and precious rehearsal time wasted, it turned out that someone else had made an offer too while we were doing this, so they could not progress until the landlord had chosen between them.

Back to rehearsal. Beth somewhat distracted and stressed. Kitty and Matt quite understanding luckily about the hiatus. When rehearsal finished, James came by and we had a drink outside in the garden. Beth needing a glass to de-stress herself.

Below, James and Betty drinking a much needed beer.

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