Sunday, July 30, 2017


A bit achey today still, so a day of sloth. Lay in bed all morning, and Lorraine read and finished The Second Kind of Darkness. Much to my relief, she really liked it.

In the afternoon, we drove to see Janet and Ken, where we had tea and chats, and looked at Janet’s kitchen which is taking shape nicely.

 On the way home we picked up Beth and John, who were staying at John’s flat. Home, and Lorraine had cooked roast lamb, and roast potatoes and so on. The lamb was delicious and had been given to her by Peter, her chair of govenors, who is a sheep farmer among other things. Being gouty at the moment, I have to steer clear of red meat. I mumbled at a bit of chicken while they all slavered over lamb. Lamb, it transpires, is a particular Betty favourite.

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