Saturday, July 22, 2017

Going about my thespian business

Lorraine very tired this morning, so we had breakfast in bed. Then I had to slink off to The Boots for a four and a half hour rehearsal. Beth's good pal Emily gave us some of her time. She has been training to be a voice specialist at Central, and provided us with some good notes on voice, and some other feedback too. I like her a lot. Everyone working hard.

To slim A Glass of Nothing down to fifty minutes, we've had to make a few cuts which, if anything, are improving the play. Another cut happened this afternoon, Beth and I thinking the same thing without even discussing it. Matt the intensive focus of what we are doing, and he is bearing up with great fortitude, and good humour.

I felt a slight cringe buying some drinks downstairs, asking for a diet coke, a glass of soda water, and a cup of tea, which the owner gave us for free. He lets us use the room for free, and I like to buy drinks there to payback a little.

I walked home to find Lorraine reading The Second Kind of Darkness on the sofa. She is still enjoying it. Then we cabbed off to Hove where we met up with Rosie and Innis, I wanted very for Rosie to see the manuscript too, as she is a children's literacy specialist, and passionate about children's books. I hope she likes it. We popped out for a couple of beers, then ate a take away curry. Everyone a bit tired. Enjoyed chatting with Innis as usual, about wide-ranging stuff. Rosie was house sitting for a friend, an opportunity she jumped at as her flat had been flooded by the flat upstairs, and this is taking a lot of time to sort out and repair. There is an unpleasant smell in her flat too, which is stressing her out.

A taxi home, for Lorraine and I full of curry, and straight to bed.

Below Emily making notes, as Beth, Kitty and Matt go through their paces in our traditional rehearsal room upstairs in The Boots, aka. The Duke of Wellington.

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