Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bits and pieces

Felt odd not to be working on the children's story. A day of bits and pieces. Dawn dropped by this evening to pick up the manuscript of The Second Kind of Darkness and said she was going to read it to her class. This is fantastic of course, but made me feel nervous. She invited me to come and talk to the kid. Weasel that I am, maybe I'll wait to hear if they hate it or not first.

Otherwise I wrote a long overdue blog about Richard's Stone Witness collection. Also did some admin for Edinburgh and worked to put together some video stuff for the play too.

Beth went to Lorraine's school to look at some drama work this morning. She was very disappointed that the flat she wanted was gone, despite her phoning the letting agent at 9:00am.

Apart from doing this kind of stuff, went out to buy a bag of delicious cherries. I like them, and they are good for gout apparently. I am feeling pre-gout tingles again. I'm disappointed to have flare-ups after being free for two and a half years, but I am seeing my quack soon to tweak my meds.

Decent rain at last this afternoon. Feel like a proper gardener looking happily at the rain. I cooked a chicken and spinach curry, using loads of fresh spinach. After squirting antibiotics, anti-inflammatories etc. down Calliope's throat. Not her favourite thing.

Lorraine battling on heroically through the last weeks of the school year. I read her Chapter 2 of The Second Kind of Darkness in bed tonight, the Woman from Delmonte says Yes! so far.

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