Friday, July 07, 2017

A spot of happiness

Off to the gym for the first time since the Monday of the previous week. Otherwise, did work on The Second Kind of Darkness, and then sorted out some facts and figures for the accountant.

I am feeling like finishing my story is somehow like the orbit of some slow moving planet. I have learned lots through the process. The buddhist in me feels that I shouldn't be attached to outcomes, just focus on the job at hand. This is quite hard when you've been working on something off and on for so long. The story feels like the tip of the iceberg, in that I have loads of plot lines in my head for the characters in it. Anyhow, Lorraine, Rosie and Dawn, all of whom work with children of the target age and have bags of expertise in literacy and children's books, are going to read it for me next. Mandy in NZ will read it too. And anyone else who fancies it really.

A spot of anxious cat wrangling with Calliope this afternoon. I had to squirt two lots of liquid medications into her mouth, interspersed with Dreamies bribes. She's not too bad at this sort of thing, and I managed to get most of it down her gullet. The nice vet called today, and said Calliope's blood work was all good too.

In the evening Lorraine home, and we scampered off for a bite to eat at the Preston Park Tavern, and a couple of pints of cold beer. Then home, as Lorraine was flagging after a hard week. Generally feeling appreciative of my lot in life, and feeling very happy this evening.

Below: near our house, a passion flower, and a snap of a doorway on the road behind London Road, like a portal into another world.

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