Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A study day

Tired today, I am due to get new blood tests soon to adjust the meds for my gout, as this triggers your immune response and you feel like you are fighting something off all the time. A dreary rainy filled day as befits the first day of school holidays.

So a pleasant day in the study. I made some good progress working on my proposal, and synopsis for The Second Kind of Darkness. Dawn told Lorraine today that the kids in her class have been lapping it up. Dawn is coming around tomorrow, with comments from the eagle-eyed children.

I watched the Mark Leckey Dream English Kid 1964-1999, again online, plus Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore. Great when you discover something new and interesting. The blurred soundscapes on these films is as if a microphone was lowered into the part of a brain to do with memory.

Also made time for meditation. When I have done it in the past it has brought me so many benefits, it seems brainless not to do it, especially when it is free and only takes a bit of time out of your day.

Beth at home, due to look at two flats, but both viewings were cancelled. Lorraine working at school although the children have gone, but now there are builders and she has loads of office work to do till the end of the week.

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