Monday, July 17, 2017

A happy Monday

A Happy Monday. I hit the ground running today with a good sense of purpose. Working on getting my proposal in focus for The Second Kind of Darkness. Lorraine heard from Dawn today, that she had been reading it to her class and the children were enjoying it. Went into town for a change of scene, and went to Starbucks. I sat next to two teenagers, whose conversation amused me. As I put on Facebook: Sitting in the non-ideologically sound Starbucks. Two teenagers next to me, talking about one of their friends. "Yeah. He's always been four years older than me." Quite reassuring that nothing has rippled the space time continuum here at least.

Enjoyed walking back through the park, a lovely sunny day and although I have a lot to be getting on with, I felt a real sense of my privilege and freedom.  Lorraine, however, with one full week of slog ahead.

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