Saturday, July 01, 2017

The coop opens

A bit wan and washed out during the day. Did some work on the novel, but mainly wanted to do nothing and simply hang out with Lorraine. However we had a garden party to go to. Off in the afternoon to Rosie's house, where she was flat and dog sitting a dog called Ivor for the lady upstairs. Big garden outside, and they had invited Lorraine and I, and Beth and Dawn, and several nice friends of Innis. Lots of food to be gnashed, and a barbecue and a fire pit. All the food was vegetarian, and healthy, which made an interesting change. Lorraine made nice salads for us to take along.

Less healthily, I drank things, and threw caution to the wind, but after a week of being cooped up and hobbling, it was great to be outside with plenty of people to chat to.

Below a snap of one corner of the garden as evening came on containing, Rosie, Betty, a friend of Innis's whose name currently escapes me, Lorraine and Dawn. Rosie rocking the Athenian maiden look in a floaty white dress and flowers in her hair when we arrived. A close up of a burning log.

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