Thursday, July 27, 2017

Suits, and rehearsals and an evening with Dawn

Off to town, after faffing about this morning. Feeling wan and run down still. But eventually girded my loins, and met Beth in town and we went shopping for my suit. Got a smart suit, at a sale, cash price of £260 from the shop I often go to, which passed the Betty approval test. Then, pausing for a cup of coffee, Beth and I went off to The Boots and spent the afternoon rehearsing with Kitty and Matt. Somewhat challenged by the fact that the play, despite being repeatedly cut stays stubbornly at the 55 minutes. Beth and I made some last minute cuts, and the final run through, with these bits gone, snuck in just under 50. Thank goodness. A nice afternoon with everyone, Matt had been working hard  to get everything right, and I was very pleased with him.

Home again, via the optician to pick up my new reading glasses. Home to Lorraine, and shortly after Dawn came around for tea. She had some feedback from the children who she had been reading The Second Kind of Darkness to, and there were a couple of really useful points I can improve on. But apart from that the kids were lapping it up apparently, which is a big relief.  Kitty had also mentioned earlier that was pressing on and still enjoying it. Nice chat with Dawn, and with Lorraine. Tomorrow is her last day, and I will get my wifey back.

A few laughs in the rehearsal room.

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