Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You've got mail

Downstairs to make Lorraine and I a cup of tea and found a romantic and copious cat poo on the carpet courtesy of fat Basil. I fed the cats, which Brian sicked up afterwards. Between I gave Lorraine her Valentine's card and a scarf and rose, and received a nice card of amorous owls.

A lethargic start to the day, but I had to quickly get my ducks in a row and walk in to the BBC on Queens Road. Alison Ferns, who is really nice, was visibly pregnant and hadn't a clue what was on the CD (nor did she have one to hand, luckily I had one in my manbag) which left me slightly wondering what I was doing there. Still I was grateful for the coverage and she played most of one track, which sounded a bit weedy in the studio, but fine on the radio. I came out feeling I hadn't done a great job, but listening to the interview it was not bad under the circumstances.

I was in and out in ten minutes or so, and then walked down to the sea briefly, and went to The Latest Music Bar to leave a copy of the CD for Angi Mariani who is going to review it for a Brighton magazine. Then to Sainsburys where I met Lorraine, taking a break from preparing for her dreaded interview on Friday, and Beth, taking a break from finding Valentine's day difficult, to do some shopping.

The rest of the day passed peacefully. Lorraine made us a lovely chicken based stew with warm lettuce and grapes served with rice, and the three of us sat watching a Romcom in the evening 'You've got mail' which started surprisingly badly considering it was using Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan who are the very benchmark of good romcoms. Blatant product placement throughout. I actually really like romcoms. I like them best on planes because they keep me calm. I remember Hitch with Will Smith preventing me from whimpering with fear miles above the Atlantic.

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