Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Rehearsals and Radio

I had a productive day. Was called up by the BBC and I have been invited on to the local radio on Valentine's day to talk about the album. Nice to feel that some of the promotional effort I have been putting in is paying off. Also worked on poems in a way that didn't disfigure them.

Lorraine working from home mostly today, and she had Rosie around tonight and cooked a mid week roast. But she also kindly drove me off to Lancing College, where an amazing floodlit Gothic chapel is visible for miles in the dark. Atmospheric to drive down narrow roads heading for this wonderful structure. The music rehearsal room was next to the chapel, and it was good to meet the boys there again: Tom, Adam, Cem and Glen as well as the choir. The run-throughs a little raw, but we are beginning to get into the zone for the concert. A lift from Glen and all the band plus Adam Swayne went to The Shakespeare's Head for a pleasant and cheeky beer. All feeding my secret fantasy of being in a band, which happens a few times a year.

Cem talking about his new passion for journalism and writing. And he is now working for the Argus, and had recently observed the making of R4 Today programme, which he said was a frenzy of activity behind the scenes.

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