Thursday, February 02, 2012


At my desk to do some agency work which was bumped at the last minute. After some general admin, oofed off to the gym for an intensive workout. I am definitely fitter than I have been but I remain a fat bloke.

Poor Lorraine is still hoarse and coldy so I cooked for her and installed her on the sofa before I went in the evening off in the cold to see Ross in the Shakespeare's Head for a pointless beer. I like Ross. He is cheery and interested in all kinds of things. We availed ourselves of the Shakespeare's Head's sausage and mash menu and took advice from one of the chefs on the best sausages.

We were recommended venison sausages, with garlic mash and a berry and wine gravy washed down with Tanglefoot Bitter. I learn from Wikipedia that the name for Badger Brewery's Tanglefoot came about when the Head Brewer drank "several tankards" and "fell on" a name for the beer. When buying a round I found myself asking for two Tanglefeet.

Fond farewell to Ross, and sloped off through the bracing cold to bed.

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