Friday, February 24, 2012

Fish out of water

Called up by Nicola and there could well be some work for my pals in Tavistock Square next week, which is a boon. Otherwise found it hard to find much motivation towards much else today. Had a nice chat with Mum on the phone, and went to the gym and home via Sainsburys.

Not long after Lorraine got home, Anton and Anna called around and we popped up to the Signalman for a swift beer before descending on our usual curry house. Anton bringing the pristine LP of Chris Squire's Fish out of Water which he ordered on his iPad from ebay for me. Importantly had a copy of the poster which I had on my bedroom wall as a kid. It is a lovely thing of a catch of fish dangling from a rope among irises, which looks like stained glass. Chris Squire was a major boyhood hero of mine.

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