Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hard tasks

Spent the day working on my business proposition and portfolio, and veering between wild optimism and gloom. Had a long chat with Mike (who I used to fondly refer to as The Gnome when he was for several years my trusty art director) about life and times. He had a big year last year with his marriage breaking up, and a house move and so on.

Lorraine on the desk next to mine working steadily through her preparation for the interview first thing Friday morning. I can't wait for her to successfully finish it. Beth meanwhile doing hideous stuff on student loans, job applications etc. The three of us bent on hard tasks.

I sloped out this evening to meet Anton for a cheeky beer. He is still looking thin due to what he calls his A-Plan diet (where A stands for Auschwitz). He also explained that what the Clameur piece needs is for the choir to break into the Jam's 'Down in the tube station at midnight' an idea I rather enjoyed but one I suspect maestro Pollard would be less fond.

And so home after a cheery night with Anton, to find Lorraine still up reading her notes in bed.

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