Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life in Modern Britain

Back up to London today to work with my chums in Tavistock Square. Listening to Andrew Marr's book History of Modern Britain on the train. Anton had recommended this accessible and interesting account starting just before the war. Fascinated by the late forties and fifties, which I am a little unclear about. Politically, it sounded increasingly grim and disillusioning, with the UK broke after the war and paying the Americans back, a process that didn't end until this century. Made me think what a strange little country we live in, but also how in some ways it has coped with the loss of power and influence it has experienced since the war.

Work fairly enjoyable. Working for Kate today, which was fun. Went with Nicola to the King of Falafal for a species of wrap for lunch. Working on material to do with the eye health pitch that I had helped them win. All good fun.

Home and Lorraine was home before me, hugged Lorraine and gratefully scarfed the food she had cooked before slipping off to The Evening Star to help celebrate Fingers Capra's birthday. Glen had just been Guernsey on a job, and had really enjoyed staying in St Peter Port. Spoke a lot to Steve, and Claudius too. All well, but arrived home, creeping quiet as a cat burglar.

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