Monday, February 13, 2012

Slugs and a lightbulb moment

A sluggish start to the week. I woke up having slept the sleep of the dead. Neither Lorraine nor I felt the need to spring from bed. Lorriane on half term, but is spending the days preparing for the interview at the end of the week. I gradually felt more energetic as the day progressed. Popped out to buy a pressie and card and a wee rose which I hid out the back for Lorraine on Valentine's day tomorrow. Beth spent much of the day with Kayleigh and they went to see War Horse, which they both liked.

I met Matt this evening briefly where we had a postmortem of the gig and then a rather brilliant idea for what we think may be a ten minute choir piece to be sung outside in Churchill Square during the festival. Both rather buoyed by this. Matt generally upbeat and full of drive.

Matt off home, and I went home and waited with Lorraine, for Beth and Kayleigh to return before going for a meal in the Shahi. Cheery evening, and good fun.

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