Thursday, February 09, 2012


Gah! Ambushed by what I hope is a 24 hour nausea bug. Ankle throbby too. Not ideal, but better to get them out of the way now than on Saturday. Sent apologies to Matt with whom I was not able to celebrate his birthday and slept heavily this afternoon, with stomach surging.

Sonia the cleaner around today, and I absented myself for a lurk in the park, where I sat in the cafe working on poems. Despite the nausea I felt suddenly famished. Found a small Cornish pastie, which I ate despite it being full of a despicable grey paste. I can't believe I ate it.

Nice Cath Mattos came around from The Sussex Beacon at tea time brandishing a sealed bucket for donations to be made at the concert.

A low profile evening whimpering piteously at Lorraine, before an early bed.

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