Monday, February 20, 2012

Evening in the study

Monday and back to the unglamourous business of sorting my business out. I am redefining what it is I actually do and offer the agencies I work with. It seems prudent to focus on what will continue to put bread on the table. Working late tonight and I - finally - noticed the blindingly obvious, which was a relief.

In the afternoon I met Dipak in the Marwood for a coffee. I also made time to watch a documentary about Lucien Freud. I have been well aware of his work for decades, I knew little about the back story other than he was the grandson of Sigmund Freud. He was from a Jewish family who were able to leave Germany early in the Nazi period. I think I see the influence of Neue Sachlichkeit art in his work, which wasn't mentioned.

Lorraine home late having watched a play Beth was in up in Kingston. Apparently Beth was rather splendid in it, and complimented by one of her sternest tutors afterwards. And so to bed. Looked at facebook to see that Max has (at last) accepted The French Bloke's proposal of marriage.

Below a fairly typical Freud... Evening in the Studio 1993.


a said...

My dad was at school with the Freuds. I don't think he liked the very much…

Peter Kenny said...

He was probably Jung at heart... :-)