Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunshine day

Up early this morning and straight off to the gym, where I did some more rowing, which I am getting to like almost as much as the cross trainer. For some reason as I exercised I got in an increasingly bad mood. I am not sure why.

Luckily this dissipated and I went on to have a lovely day. First off home to collect Lorraine and we went down to the the seafront and walked about in the sun, and met Rosie for a long amble by the sea. Eventually we met Rosie's sister Emily and her partner Tim, and their two wee twin babies Lyra and Phoebe. I liked the whole family sat outside having a cup of tea.

Then off to Anton and Anna's for Sunday lunch. Really mellow afternoon chatting, eating delicious food, and listening to music, including psychobilly. Anton using his iPad to bid on an LP I wanted to have because of its fabulous poster. Lorraine really enjoying simply having a drink without feeling like she had to go home and do more work. Anton phoning me on the way home to say that he wanted to record an album and his band was going to be called Schrödinger's cat, and that its tracks were going to consist of a chord played once.

Below Rosie wanted a few snaps taking, and I offered. Mainly for my own amusement I had been making her jump into the air, hug trees and so on. But my favourite shot of Rosie was this one, with her looking brimful of personality.

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