Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Cat in the doghouse

Basil the fat cat in the doghouse this morning as it had pooped indoors for the last two nights. Basil won't or can't use the catflap and we have been poking her outside at regular intervals but this method seems not to be working. Lorraine not pleased to be coming downstairs to such a catastrophe.

Nice to be sitting up on the mezzanine level with Lorraine, who was working from home this morning, as I laid out the programme, and other bits. Looking forwards to doing the concert and being able to fix some of the niggling things... like getting some more copywriting work so that Lorraine and I can have a holiday.

In the afternoon I walked into town and spent a couple of happy hours tinkering with old poems in Marwood cafe. The work I did was stale but it is good to knock on the door again. I can work among hubbub or in silence or with ambient drifting music. Anything in between doesn't work.

Lorraine home early and we went to Sainsbury's, where I teased Lorraine about her methodical shopping style. I tend to zoom through a supermarket with fanatical purpose. I did more work in the evening and Lorraine skyped Derek her brother in Finland. Derek's daughter Klaudia will be coming to stay with us at some point soon.

Watched two thirds of a long documentary about the AIDS epidemic breaking out in San Francisco. I stopped watching it as all the sick skinny people brought back painful memories of my old friends Tim and Rosa who both died of the disease. I support The Sussex Beacon because of the incredible care and respite they gave Tim towards the end. These days, thank God, the emphasis is on helping people to live with the disease.

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